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Digital X-Rays

We take pride in offering a high-tech solution to your every day dental needs! At our office, we use digital x-rays to capture images of your teeth with an electric sensor rather than x-ray film. This allows both you and your dentist to easily store and view them on a computer screen.

When are Digital X-Rays Necessary?

A digital x-ray can capture any hidden abnormalities missed during a regular dental examination. It allows us to see between your teeth and under your gums where it may have otherwise gone undetected. With this information, we’ll detect any issues and come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Digital x-rays can reveal the following:

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Many people choose digital x-rays over traditional ones because of the many benefits they have to offer. You’ll notice the following advantages with this technology:

  • Higher-quality images
  • Immediate viewing
  • Easier dentist appointments
  • Safer than regular x-rays
  • Obtain the best diagnosis possible

How Do They Work?

Digital x-rays are similar to traditional x-rays, except an electric sensor is used. This eliminates the need to use films to see the photos. Not only is this method more environmentally friendly, but it also makes viewing and storing your images much easier.

Where Can I Get a Digital X-Ray in Plantation, FL?

When you want a dental x-ray with high accuracy, visit Midtown Dental Studio. We offer digital x-rays to make your experience quicker, easier, and more effective. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!

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