Frequent Dental Problems and How to Deal with Them

November 18, 2022

It would be terrific if dental emergencies could occur at a convenient time and with advance notice. But this is rarely the case. Dental emergencies usually catch you off guard and demand prompt treatment. Ignoring a dental emergency increases the risk of permanent harm and may demand costly and invasive procedures. Therefore, you should seek emergency dentistry in 33317 as soon as possible.

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Common Reasons for Emergency Dental Visits

What to Do in the Event of a Dental Emergency

If you are having severe dental pain, bleeding, or swelling, please contact our office so that we can assist you. Although not every condition requires an urgent response, we will almost always advise you to come in as soon as possible in the following instances:

Chipped or Broken Teeth

A chipped tooth is considered a universal dental emergency. Try to gather and save the shattered bits if you chip or break a tooth. Rinse your mouth with lukewarm water and keep the fractured fragment of your tooth in milk or salt water, the calcium in milk will keep the broken tooth moist and alive. If bleeding develops, use a piece of gauze, and apply gentle pressure until the bleeding stops or subsides. To avoid further complications, see a dentist right away to have the tooth fixed.

Knocked Off Tooth

A knocked-out tooth may be quite painful and needs quick treatment. If you have a tooth that has been knocked out by an impact and you are experiencing chronic bleeding, you must seek immediate medical attention. If you are successful in retrieving the tooth, secure the root by the crown and avoid touching the roots. Wash the root with clean and lukewarm water, being careful not to remove any attached fragments. As best you can, re-insert the tooth. But if this is not possible, immediately immerse the tooth in a small container of salt water or milk.


Abscesses are infections that develop on the gums near the base of a tooth or in the gap between two teeth. This type of infection can swiftly spread throughout the mouth, causing severe damage to the teeth and tissues surrounding the area.If the infection is not treated promptly, it might spread to other parts of the body. Always take an abscess seriously and get treatment from an emergency dentist as soon as you see any signs of swelling or bleeding in the gums.

Should I Visit an Emergency Dentist or Go to the Emergency Room?

Some patients frequently visit the hospital for problems that should be addressed by a dental professional. If you have a tooth, gum, or jaw emergency, we recommend that you phone our office first before deciding what to do.  Emergency rooms typically lack the experience and equipment needed to handle dental emergencies; therefore, patients are still commonly sent to an emergency dentist. However, if you have any other injuries such as a broken nose or an eye injury that require immediate attention, you should go to the emergency room first and contact your emergency dentist.

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Where To Go for Emergency Dentistry in 33317

You don't want to waste any time when you need emergency dental care. Contact us at Midtown Dental Studio now if you have any dental concerns that require immediate attention and let us help you save your beautiful smile.

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