How Dental Implants Can Make Your Life Better

November 18, 2022

Sometimes you don’t know how valuable your teeth are until they’re gone forever. Are you looking for a durable solution to replace your severely damaged or missing teeth? What better option could there be than having your implants ready in the same day in 33324? Dental implants are the superior choice when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. No matter if you’ve lost a single tooth or the entire arch, dental implants can help restore your smile and of course functionality. Apart from the fact that they look, feel, and function like your natural teeth, dental implants preserve jawbone integrity and maintain their natural shape.

implants Same day 33324

Goodbye Dentures, Hello Permanent Smiles

How They Work

Dental implants in Florida are one of the most common tooth replacement options. Dental implants are a highly dependable tooth replacement choice that looks, feels, and functions just like your good ol’ natural teeth. Dental implants, if properly cared for, could also last you a lifetime.

How They Are Implanted

The same day dental implant system of tooth replacement improves upon the traditional implant method. They no longer require any waiting period for a fully functional crown to be placed. On the same day as the implant appointment, the patient can walk out of the dental clinic with a tooth or a set of teeth that work properly and appears natural. Furthermore, this allows the patient to experience instant results from a single dental implant procedure. Typically, the temporary tooth will remain in place until a custom and more permanent crown is completed in the dental laboratory. With crowns being sculpted in office, we prevent surrounding teeth from moving toward the space of the missing tooth. As soon as a tooth is lost, it is known that the teeth on either side of it begin to move into that space to fill the gap. This happens often with traditional dentures. Having a fully functional artificial tooth put in on the same day guarantees that other teeth will stay put and you’ll have a full smile.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth because they have a very natural appearance and feel. Several advantages of same day dental implants are:

  • A great security bond thus, slipping is not an issue
  • Clearer and improved speech
  • They have lower maintenance than dentures
  • They look, feel, and function like any natural teeth
  • It is a long-lasting and often permanent solution
  • Preserves the jaw bone structure
  • Prevents gum and bone deterioration

Implants and Oral Care

With proper maintenance, dental implants can last forever. However, poor oral dental hygiene can lead to implant failure. Patients who practice excellent dental regimes tend to have dental implants that last longer than those who don’t follow proper dental habits and see their dentists regularly.

implants Same day 33324

Where to Get the Best Same Day Dental Implant Procedure in 33324?

Thanks to Same day 33324, oral surgeons can now offer full bite and tooth restoration in just one sitting appointment. Skip the waiting and get instantly splendid results in just one day. Contact us at Midtown Dental Studio to find out whether same day implants are right for you.

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