Reasons Why You’re Not Getting a Second Date

March 14, 2023

According to a recent poll, 35% of respondents ranked having bad breath as the top faux pas. For those who prioritize fashion, you have to second-think this one. Before you buy new shoes and dresses, perhaps a trip to the dental hygienist should be made. You can try different cosmetic dentistry treatments in Davie, FL or other dental procedures.

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Effects of Crooked Teeth and Bad Breath in Your Second Date    

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath      

Bacteria that create volatile sulfur compounds are the primary cause of bad breath. Gram-negative anaerobic bacteria make up most of the VSC-producing microorganisms. Furthermore, anaerobic bacteria thrive in low-oxygen environments and are frequently discovered when severe tartar buildup or deep gum pockets exist.        

Practicing basic dental hygiene, including brushing and flossing at least twice daily, is crucial. However, maintaining the health of our gums is as important. You can achieve this by scheduling routine dental checkups for general gum maintenance. Extensive cleaning with laser disinfection may also be necessary to lower the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth.        

Moreover, your mouth's saliva dries up more quickly when you breathe through your mouth. In a dry atmosphere, bacteria can thus easily reproduce and thrive. People who breathe through their mouth while sleeping all night will have a dry mouth in the morning, leading to bad breath. Therefore, always inhale through your nose to breathe properly.  

Correct nasal breathing will increase the efficiency of oxygen transport from your blood to your cells and decrease the number of dangerous particles that enter your lungs.      

How to Address Crooked Teeth      

Crooked teeth cause more than only oral health difficulties, like increased tooth wear and poor chewing. They might cost you a date or a job application.        

Your smile has a tremendous impact on how you feel and how you look. Beautiful smiles make people smile more, which reduces tension and anxiety. Likewise, your confidence may be affected if your smile is crooked, which could lead to you smiling less and stressing out more. Your mental health may suffer a major snowball effect from anything that lowers your self-esteem.        

It is unsurprising that you can get some rather awful breath if you have crooked teeth because they tend to retain bacteria. Because it can be challenging to remove all the bacteria between your teeth, so your breath may end up smelling unpleasant.      

However, the best approach to prevent bad breath from happening is to address the problem. You can do this by using mouthwash and breath-refreshing products.      

One or more of your bottom teeth may protrude and brush up against your upper teeth if your lower teeth are crowded. This problem could lead to excessive enamel wear even if it isn't bothering you. When teeth grind against one another, the protective enamel slowly wears away, leading to issues like cavities and possibly an abscessed tooth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Davie, FL Can Help  

Braces and dental crowns can address crooked teeth. You can opt for porcelain braces for more aesthetics. They have a similar construction to metal braces, but because they are tooth-colored, they are virtually undetectable.        

As for dental crowns, this treatment is resorted to when your teeth need extensive tooth remodeling, followed by the placement of a porcelain or metal crown on top of the teeth. As many healthy teeth need to be removed, they are the least desired alternative. Please schedule an appointment with us for more information on addressing bad breath and crooked teeth.

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