Types of Dental Fillings

November 18, 2022

A decaying tooth must be repaired as part of a dental restoration treatment. The decayed portion must be cleaned out by the dentist, leaving a cavity or hole in the tooth. After that, a dental filling in 33323 will be used to smooth out the tooth surface and restore its natural appearance. The numerous forms of tooth fillings used for dental repair are discussed in this article.

Comparison of tooth with and without Dental Filling 33323

Top 5 Dental Filling Materials Used

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Acrylic and glass are used to make this dental filling. They are most commonly applied on youngsters whose teeth are still emerging. Fluoride is released into your tooth to prevent it from further deterioration. However, because they are weaker than composite resin, they only last a few years before wearing out or cracking. Regular glass ionomers also do not have a similar natural appearance to composite resin.

Ceramic Fillings

They are made of porcelain, which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic fillings are more high-priced than composite resin fillings, but they are tooth-colored. Likewise, they can resist stains and abrasion better.Ceramic filling has the drawback of being more brittle than composite, so it must be utilized on big cavities to avoid breakage. To accommodate the added bulk, the dentist can extend in the affected area.

Composite Fillings

Plastic and resin are used to make composite fillings. They are inserted into the softened tooth and hardened with a strong curing light. They’re popular choices since they can be tinted to match the color of the patient's natural teeth, making restorations less noticeable than a silver amalgam filling. Additionally, composite fillings last for five to nine years before needing to be replaced.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgam fillings are widely used for tooth fillings. They are created in a variety of minerals, including tin, zinc, copper, and mercury, in addition to silver. They’re a popular alternative because they’re durable, long-lasting, and less expensive than other solutions. A standard silver amalgam filling can last for up to 12 years. Because it is pliable, dentists find it simple to use.The disadvantage when you opt for a silver amalgam filling is that it is very noticeable, so it is not the ideal option for those worried about their appearance. Temperature variations can also trigger the material to compress and expand, causing the tooth to crack.The changes may lead to a space between the filling and the tooth, allowing food and bacteria to enter and cause new cavities to form.

Cast Gold Fillings

This type of material has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the cons first. The most popular disadvantage of gold fillings is that they are more expensive than the rest. However, there are several advantages such as aesthetics, strength, and durability. Cast gold fillings can last at least 10 and they don’t easily corrode.

Dentist Checks Dental Filling in 33323

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