When Should You Get a Dental Crown?

March 12, 2024

You may be aware of what a dental crown is, but do you know how many dental issues it can solve? This is a dental trick that can be used for both restorative and cosmetic procedures. We’ve put together a little guide for you to learn about crowns in 33330 and how they can be used to restore and enhance your smile.

Woman receiving crowns in 33330.

What Is a Dental Crown?

What Is a Dental Crown Made Out Of?

A dental crown is a hat-like covering that conceals all, or most, of the components of the tooth above the gumline. First, the dentist will numb you before removing 1-3 millimeters of tooth structure to prepare a tooth for a crown. This leaves you with a "mini-tooth" that allows the crown to fit into the area in your mouth.   There are four different types of dental crowns available for tooth restoration. The most common materials are ceramic, porcelain-fused to metal, base metal alloys, and gold alloys. The best option for you will be determined by you and your dentist. So, you’ll have a consultation to decide the following: Which material is best for your particular tooth

  • The reason for the crown
  • Its location in your mouth
  • Whether it will be visible when you smile or speak

  Why Do I Need a Crown for My Tooth?

Dental crowns are used to restore the strength of a tooth that has been weakened by decay or breakage. Therefore, they can also be used to fix fractured teeth or teeth that have been worn down abnormally.   A crown is a dental restoration that can be used to repair a range of dental issues. A few instances are given below:   Dental crowns are placed over healthy teeth on both sides of the gap to support a dental bridge.

  1. Frequently used to protect a tooth that has been damaged by illness or has broken.
  2. Can be used to repair unusually worn teeth.
  3. Will keep the pieces of a broken tooth together and avoid cleaving.
  4. Crowns are frequently used to complete the process of replacing a missing tooth after a dental implant has been placed in the jawbone.
  5. If a tooth-colored filling isn't enough to heal a decaying tooth with little remaining structure, a dental crown is used to provide coverage and support.
  6. Dental crowns are placed on healthy teeth on both sides of the gap in your smile to support a dental bridge.

  Taking Care of Your Dental Crown

  It's important to look after your crown after it's been placed. The average lifespan of a crown is seven to fifteen years, but if properly cared for, it may last decades. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: Brushing should be done carefully. If your crown or the teeth around it are sensitive to heat or cold, consider using toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

  1. Flossing daily can help keep all of your teeth in good condition.
  2. Hard foods should be avoided. 
  3. If you have a porcelain crown, chewing ice or hard foods can cause your crown to crack.
Diagram of crowns in 33330.

 Are You In Need Of Dental Crowns in 33330?

So, from the days of plain metal crowns, dentistry has come a long way. We can create a crown that blends in with the rest of your smile. Therefore, crowns are extremely practical in their application, as well as beautiful and strong. For a consultation, please contact us at Midtown Dental Studio. 

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