Why Do My Teeth Feel Weird?

March 12, 2024

Teeth tingling is a stinging or prickling feeling that may accompany bleeding or inflamed gums. Typically, this is nothing to be concerned about, and your dentist will provide sensitivity relief. There’s typically not a need for extractions in Plantation, FL.  

However, making an appointment with your dentist will help you figure out what is causing the tingling in your teeth, and the dentist can form a treatment plan.

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Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Tingling  

Gum Ache  

According to a dental specialist, if your gums or the sides of your teeth experience discomfort or pain when you consume hot or cold beverages or food, you may have a cavity. It may also indicate that your gums have receded, revealing the roots of your teeth. Moreover, bacteria, teeth clenching or grinding, or vigorously brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush can lead to gum ache.  

However, if red or white patches accompany the discomfort, they can be relatively innocuous irritants brought on by specific meals, medications, or even badly fitted dentures or mouthguards. Such discomfort or pain may also occasionally be an indicator of oral cancer. Thus, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist if the spots persist for more than a week.  

Gum Recession  

Teeth tingling can also be caused by gum recession. Gaps between the teeth and gum line result from the gum tissue pulling away to expose more of the tooth. You may feel a dull discomfort or moderate irritation when bacteria fill these openings.  

Gum recession can be brought on by several factors, such as heredity, rigorous teeth brushing, and poor oral health. Your gums can regenerate, but they cannot grow back. Gum grafting, a surgical treatment, may be able to repair the harm caused by gum disease. Another minimally invasive procedure that can help restore a receding gum line is pinhole surgery. Call us to learn more about this treatment.  

Puffy or Red Gums  

According to a cosmetic dentist, puffy or red gums may be an annoyance-inducing side effect of pregnancy or other hormonal changes. The accumulation of microorganisms may potentially be the reason. It's nothing to worry about if the symptoms appear for a day or two, but persistent brushing and flossing seem to make things better.  

But if your gum issues continue for more than a week, it can be another indication of periodontal disease. Plan a visit to the dentist right away.  

Teeth Grinding  

Most people clench their teeth occasionally. However, routine teeth grinding can harm your jawbone and increase sensitivity. Bruxism is characterized by teeth clenching and grinding. Around 10% of Americans suffer from bruxism.  

Often, tension or anxiety from a stressful day leads to teeth grinding. Smoking, binge drinking, sleep apnea, too much coffee, and depression can also be contributing factors. Sometimes a new medication can have bruxism as a side effect.  

Suddenly Crooked or Loose Teeth  

According to dentists, bacteria on your teeth will create a thin film called plaque if you don't properly care for your teeth. This happens when you don’t brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist for dental cleanings twice a year. If you keep up your bad dental habits, the plaque will eventually solidify into tartar, which can invade your gums and, eventually, your mouth's bones. Tartar can also cause cavities.  

Worn-Out Enamel

Your teeth may tingle due to thinning tooth enamel, the hard material that protects each tooth's crown. Acids from processed foods and sugary drinks frequently dissolve the enamel surface, making it more vulnerable to irritation. Likewise, you can feel a tingling sensation if you brush your teeth too forcefully. Hard toothbrushes are another cause of dental enamel loss.  

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Do You Think You Need Teeth Extractions in Plantation, FL?

If you experience severe teeth tingling, it’s important to get professional help. Contact our dental professionals to be sure.

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