Why Would You Need a Dental Crown?

November 18, 2022

Did you know that each tooth has a root and a crown? If your gums and bones are in good shape, they should be able to cover the base of each tooth appropriately. Similarly, if your crowns are in good condition, the visible section of your teeth should be free of decay. Your dentist may suggest dental crowns in 33317 if an operation such as a filling fails to cure your tooth condition.In addition to covering and reinforcing a rotting, broken, or chipped tooth, a dental crown is used to support a bridge, protect a tooth after a root canal, or cover a dental implant.

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What You Should Know About Dental Crowns

When Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Large Filling

When a tooth is broken or has a cavity covering half of its width or more, the standard tooth structure surrounding the massive filling weakens and becomes more susceptible to fracture.If you've had the huge filling in your mouth for a long time, it may have developed cracks and tension surrounding it. As a result, your dentist may propose that you have a dental crown placed over it to help support your weaker natural tooth.

Cracked Tooth

You may have broken tooth syndrome if you experience discomfort when you chew on a tooth in a specific way. Fractures inside your tooth describe this disorder.When tension is applied to these fracture lines while you chew your meal, you'll feel like your tooth is cracking apart. Your dentist can cap your tooth with a dental crown if you don't need a root canal.

Cusps That Have Been Broken

The pointed end of your natural crown is referred to as the cusp. Because your cusps endure the most punishment when you're trying to chew your meal, they may break off as a result of trauma. To avoid additional damage, a dental crown is fitted over the surviving tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Because your tooth has been hollowed out following a root canal, it is more prone to fracture. To prevent this from happening, your dentist places a crown on the remaining tooth right away.

Dental Implants

The crown is the final phase of dental implant surgery. The only visible element of the implant is a dental crown that lies on top of the abutment. Crowns are one-of-a-kind restorations that restore the form, appearance, and function of natural teeth. Because dental implants do not rot, they endure longer than regular crowns. In healthy individuals who emphasize dental care, they should last a lifetime.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns for Your Oral Health?

Dental Crowns Improve the Look of Your Smile

You won't be self-conscious about your smile if your teeth are pleasant and healthy. Cracked or chipped teeth may be repaired, damaged or worn teeth can be restored, uneven teeth can be reshaped, and missing fillings can be replaced with personalized dental crowns. Dental crowns can improve the look and aesthetic appeal of your smile in a natural way.

They Aid in the Enhancement of Your Overall Health

Did you know that as the enamel on your teeth breaks down and shows indications of degeneration, your entire health suffers? Dental decay can even raise your risk of a stroke or heart attack.Fortunately, having a dental crown over a poorly decaying or broken tooth helps prevent these health problems. This type of restorative dentistry can enhance your general health in addition to preserving your teeth from future damage and reducing tooth loss over time.

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Do You Need Dental Crowns in 33317?

Are you considering getting a dental crown to boost your self-esteem and oral health? Set up a consultation with Midtown Dental Studio to learn more about this dental option.

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