Worst Food for Your Teeth

March 12, 2024

Prevention is always the key to success. As cliché as it may seem, this applies to preserving a healthy mouth and a bright smile. Dental specialists, especially the best dentist in Plantation, FL, agree that good, consistent routines like brushing, flossing, rinsing, and trips to the dentist are essential for maintaining good oral health. It is frequently challenging to do away with obstacles like dental decay and cavities without keeping prevention in mind. Even though professional teeth whitening, crowns, and fillings can work wonders to make your teeth whiter and stronger, the best approach to keep your mouth healthy is to avoid stains and cavities. Whether you realize it or not, food significantly impacts maintaining healthy, cavity-free, and beautiful teeth. Let's look at some of the top foods and drinks that cause cavities, tooth decay, and other potentially harmful oral health problems.

best dentist in plantation fl warns about eating candies

Not-So-Friendly Food for Your Teeth


Saliva helps remove bacteria and plaque from the tooth enamel while also keeping the mouth moist. Alcohol can damage teeth and gums because it dries out the mouth and reduces salivation.

Sodas or Sparkling Drinks

Your teeth will suffer if you consume too many sugary sodas, sports drinks, and energy drinks with added sugar. Additionally, the phosphoric and citric acids found in most soft drinks can erode tooth enamel. If you can't resist, drink as much water or sugar-free diet drinks as you can.

Sweet or Starchy Foods

When foods like potato chips, bread, and other refined carbs and sugary beverages come into contact with plaque, dangerous acids are created. Your teeth can get damaged by this erosive acid. Limit your consumption of sugary foods, avoid between-meal munchies, and brush your teeth afterward.

Sticky Sweets and Candies

The dangerous bacteria in your mouth thrive on the sugar when you consume sticky sweets. These microorganisms release powerful acids that can eat away tooth enamel, resulting in cavities. A bacterial infection might worsen over time and lead to an abscessed tooth. Hard candies disintegrate slowly, and sticky candies might stick to your teeth and make the situation worse. If you're craving something sweet, consider eating dark chocolate. It provides health benefits, and is easier to brush off your teeth.


Ice can't possibly be harmful to your health – it's just frozen water, that's all. It has no calories or additives. Think again! Your teeth may suffer unnecessary damage when you chew ice. The enamel on your teeth may be affected when you bite down on an ice cube. Likewise, eating ice can cause your teeth to chip or crack. Even crowns have been known to come loose due to excessive ice chewing. Experts say that low iron levels could be the cause of your ice cravings. But consider this: A far better method to satisfy your appetite without shattering a tooth is with spinach and other iron-rich meals!

Sour Candies

Sugary, sour candies are unquestionably a crowd favorite. We munch on them while watching movies, driving, or even working at our desks. These sweets, which have a fruity flavor, are among the worst for your teeth despite their appearance. Citric acid and other harsh substances are added to sour candies, making them bad for your teeth. Acidic meals erode your dental enamel, increasing their sensitivity to hot and cold and their risk of developing cavities. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate dissolves faster and rinses off more easily, making it a better option.

best dentist in plantation fl discourages eating sweet candies

Get Advice from the Best Dentist in Plantation, FL

Do your best to stay away from these meals and drinks so you can get the best dental health possible. Additionally, if at all possible, use substitutes such as dairy products, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, sugar-free gum, and dairy products. These meals and beverages can help counteract some of the negative consequences of eating unhealthy food for your teeth. Call us!

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