Different Teeth Colors and What It Means

November 18, 2022

One of the first things people notice about you is your eyes and your smile. Discolored teeth can make you feel embarrassed even if you have an otherwise healthy smile. Teeth whitening in Plantation, FL can help you regain your confidence caused by yellow or dark teeth.If something is altering the natural color of your teeth, it needs to be addressed. It could be brought on by an illness, an unhealthy diet, poor oral hygiene, or other factors. The first step in taking charge to stop the additional yellowing of your teeth is to determine the origin of the discoloration. Below are the different colors of discolored teeth.

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Different Shades of Teeth Stains

Brown Teeth

If you’re fond of consuming tannin-rich foods and beverages like wine, black tea, or coffee, it's highly possible that this is the cause of the dark tint on your teeth. Tannins are a class of bitter and astringent substances that are present in wood, bark, leaves, and fruit and are responsible for the black color of food and drink.Foods that naturally contain tannins and staining characteristics include grapes, oak, cocoa, walnuts, and rhubarb. Utilizing nicotine and tobacco products frequently can also result in brown teeth. Moreover, brown spots on your teeth are another sign of tartar accumulation, hardened plaque, or cavities.

Gray Teeth

Some people's teeth may be naturally blue or gray because that's how they were born. On the other hand, some ailments can result in tooth discoloration and may be a sign of a dental issue brought on by antibiotic exposure.Antibiotic tetracycline is known to cause teeth to turn bluish-gray in hue. There is a potential that you will develop blue or gray-stained teeth if you were exposed to this antibiotic as a young child. Typically, the stains form blue-gray striped patterns that run horizontally inside the tooth and are difficult to remove with brushing.Conversely, blue or gray teeth could indicate a dead tooth. There are numerous nerves and live pulp in a healthy tooth. The bluish color of the tooth's outer layer may tell that the pulp and nerves inside the tooth have died. Your teeth may die and change color due to an infection, trauma, or simple decay.

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White Teeth

When your teeth are white, people will often assume that you keep a good dental hygiene regimen. According to studies, having white teeth may also help you look younger and be more beautiful. But an impression is not the same as a fact. Having white teeth does not guarantee that your smile is healthy because whitening procedures can alter the color of your teeth.

Yellow Teeth

Slightly yellow-tinted teeth are probably the most prevalent tooth color worldwide, and Science Focus has discovered that they simply serve as a sign of strong, healthy teeth. Even though you aspire to those pearly white teeth, the dentin that lies beneath the enamel, the teeth's outer layer, which has a blueish-white tint, is naturally yellow. The little yellow tint on enamel becomes more visible due to its natural translucent quality, giving rise to the yellow-tinted teeth that so many of us have.However, excessively yellow teeth could point to much more severe health issues, including decay and illness. Your teeth's darker yellow colors typically indicate that they have been heavily stained.

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