How to Avoid Staining Your Teeth While Drinking Coffee

March 12, 2024

If you're a coffee drinker, you've definitely heard a lot about how difficult it is to remove coffee stains from your teeth. While entirely eliminating coffee is the most straightforward approach to avoid those annoying stains, missing your daily cup for the sake of white teeth isn't always possible. That's why deep teeth cleaning in 33322, as well as the methods below, are advised for reducing the effects of coffee on your teeth.

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Coffee Stains on Teeth: How to Avoid Them

Drink the Same Amount of Water as You Would Coffee

It's a good idea to alternate sipping coffee and water to keep your pearly whites white. If you are someone who is continually refilling their cup of joe, keeping a glass of water on hand isn't a terrible idea. After a taste of coffee, a simple glass of water can help wash away the majority of the residue, and hey, drinking water may make you feel invigorated and ready to face the difficulties of the day ahead.

Change the Way You Consume Coffee

You can try switching to iced coffee. You can avoid the outer surfaces of your teeth by sipping coffee with a straw. This method is not a cure-all fix because you'll likely still have staining substances in your mouth when you drink coffee. However, you will reduce the amount of coffee that your enamel is exposed to, lowering the damage over time.

Quickly Consume Your Coffee

Many coffee drinkers like to relish their morning cup of joe. When it comes to keeping your teeth clean and stain-free, it's important to remember that the shorter time coffee spends on your teeth, the better.

Floss Daily

People who do not floss build up plaque in between teeth faster than those who floss. Plaque build-up is the primary source of staining on the edges of their teeth. This porous substance is infinitely more stain-resistant than a tooth. Although it may seem obvious that brushing your teeth after a cup of coffee is the best method to avoid coffee stains, caffeine's acidity dissolves enamel. Brushing your teeth when the enamel is soft will help strip the enamel faster, making them more porous and therefore more vulnerable to discoloration.

Avoid Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips include chemical agents that make your teeth more porous and vulnerable to staining agents, allowing more coffee to soak and discolor your teeth.

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Schedule a Deep Teeth Cleaning in 33322

This may seem self-evident, but it's essential to know why: coffee stains plaque, not the teeth themselves. Coffee stains indicate the presence of plaque, which may be removed by a dentist during professional teeth cleaning. The reality is that drinking beverages with vital coloring ingredients will result in some discoloration over time. On the other hand, dentists have access to more potent teeth cleaning and whitening agents that are more powerful than retail whitening strips. Call Midtown Dental Studio when noticeable discoloration starts to develop. If you have any questions, our helpful dental team is ready to answer them.

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