Different Types of Material for Dental Crowns

November 18, 2022

To safeguard and prolong the functionality of your compromised teeth or to cover implants, dental crowns in Plantation, FL, are utilized to restore teeth that have been decayed or damaged. Most dentists advise their patients that dental crowns should last between five and 15 years, even though many continue to work for much longer. About 2,300 porcelain-fused to metal crowns were used in a recent research study. Approximately 85% lasted over 25 years, with 95% remaining stable after 10 years. The fact that most insurance companies will cover replacement crowns after eight years suggests they should last at least that long.

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Top 4 Dental Crown Material Choices


EMAX crowns are created from a ceramic substance made of lithium disilicate, which should not be mistaken with ZMAX solutions. Because it is absolutely translucent and consequently undetectable to anyone who sees your mouth, this substance is desirable. EMAX is probably the market's most challenging crown material. It is highly resilient and will never chip. This type of dental crown can last a lifetime if properly cared for. For your front teeth or canines, many dentists will use Emax while using zirconia for your molars and premolars. Since people notice your front teeth more frequently than your rear teeth, they must blend in with the rest of your mouth.


Zirconia is a synthetic stone with a Mohs hardness of 8.5. Zirconium is a metal that resembles titanium. It is used by many dentists, including ours, to produce durable and dependable dental treatments. This makes zirconia an exceptionally useful material for crowns. It has the resilience to withstand decades of chewing because of its hardness. Since molars and premolars receive the highest pressure, many dentists only employ zirconia crowns on these teeth. Even when you chew and crush the toughest meals, your crown will not chip. Zirconia crowns are also resistant to bacterial and chemical reactions. Because you eat acidic foods, other metals and crown materials may deteriorate with time. Additionally, because it is biocompatible, it won't make your gums hurt or inflame.


If you're someone who dislikes the color of gold crown, porcelain will most likely remedy your problem. In terms of color and texture, this substance resembles your natural teeth almost identically. It is nearly impossible to detect its presence. You may have heard that if you drink a lot of coffee or red wine, they can stain, but this isn't a typical occurrence, and you shouldn't be concerned.


Gold is one material that is frequently used for dental crowns. People prefer this metal because it is very strong and long-lasting. If you maintain good oral hygiene, it can endure for many years. Additionally, the teeth next to the tooth with the crown sustain very little damage from gold. This deterioration may sometimes be an issue if you use materials like porcelain or silver.

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Are You Ready to Get Your Dental Crowns in Plantation, FL?

Thank goodness for advancements in dentistry because crowns continue to be a crucial part of tooth restoration. Crowns are here to stay, whether used to complete an implant or restore a missing tooth fragment. Get hold of us today!

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