Handling Dental Emergencies

November 18, 2022

Your youngster is overjoyed to receive a new bike, only to fall off the bike a few minutes later, knocking out a tooth. It's generally easy to identify what's an emergency and what can wait when dental problems arise, right? What you consider a non-emergency may differ from what your dentist, who specializes in emergency dentistry in 33317.The best method to cope with a dental emergency is to prevent one from occurring in the first place. There are always techniques to reduce the chance of chipping a tooth or losing a filling, even if it isn't always practicable. The following are the most common dental emergencies. Likewise, please keep these suggestions in mind to make your mouth happy, healthy, and whole.

tooth decay that may lead to treatments on emergency dentistry in 33317

Emergency Guidelines and Instructions

Broken Tooth

Any fragments of the shattered restoration should be saved. If the crack is extending on your gums or tongue, cover the area with gauze. If feasible, gather the broken bits and keep them in dry and clean container before seeing the dentist.

Chipped Tooth

If a significant portion of the tooth has chipped away, keep the fragment. You can use warm water to rinse your mouth. Once it’s clean, apply gauze to the inside of your mouth if the chip extends to your tongue or cheek and causes discomfort.

Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth has completely fallen out, place the tooth in a cup of milk. You can attempt to place it back in the socket, but if you are unable to, the milk will suffice. Seek treatment as soon as possible since knocked-out teeth have the best chance of being preserved if treatment is completely quickly.

Loss of Filling

If the missing filling has left your tooth with any sharp edges, cover the exposed region with gauze. Moreover, you need to keep the area clean to avoid bacteria growth that will attack your exposed tissues.

Food or an Object Has Become Lodged Between Your Teeth

To help remove any food particles that may be causing irritation, rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater mixture. Gently brush and floss the affected region. Likewise, apply an ice pack to the sore area on the outside of your cheek. To ease pain, take aspirin.

Severe Toothache Caused by an Untreated Cavity

You may have an abscess if you experience a painful swelling on your gums directly below a tooth. To assist ease discomfort and minimize swelling, rinse with saltwater.

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Keeping Your Teeth Safe and Away From the Scope of Emergency Dentistry in 33317

To avoid holiday dental emergencies, always think first before doing anything silly. Manage your teeth with utmost care. While playing contact sports or participating in strenuous activities, children and adults should wear mouthguards to protect their teeth.If you find yourself experiencing a dental emergency, don't hesitate to call Midtown Dental Studio for assistance. Follow these dental emergency guidelines and instructions from our professionals if you find yourself with a dental emergency at an inconvenient time. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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