Why Don’t We Use Metal Crowns Anymore?

March 12, 2024

Do dentists still use metal dental crowns in Davie, FL? Even though these extremely long-lasting restorations performed admirably when you first received them, dentistry has advanced significantly since then. There are currently other solutions that are both more aesthetically pleasing and healthier.  

Patients from all over the world are increasingly choosing porcelain as their preferred material. Here are some reasons you might want to switch out a metal crown with a metal-free one in the following paragraphs.  

metal Dental Crowns in Davie, FL 

Reasons Behind the Decline in the Usage of Metal Crowns  

Metal Corrosion  

Dental implants are made of titanium, a metal not influenced by magnetic fields, yet metal interaction is possible if your metal crowns. This occurs when two dissimilar metals interact in a liquid with dissolved ions, such as saliva. One of the metals may become less strong as a result of this. Generally, titanium does not rust or deteriorate; metal crowns can make your implants rust.  

Although metal crowns offer advantages, porcelain has become a more stylish and superior choice. They not only appear better, but they also have considerably impacted your health for the better.  

High Risk of Decay  

Even though they are supposed to preserve your teeth, occasionally crowns only mask flaws, increasing the likelihood of decay. It may be wise to remove your metal crown before the situation worsens.  

MRI Interference  

MRIs are frequently used in medical procedures so that doctors can see your anatomy more clearly. However, metal crowns may produce interference because some materials, like gold and nickel, react when exposed to a magnetic field. When they are pulled to or repelled by the magnet, this can distort images and even cause them to fly off your teeth. In general, MRIs and crowns don't go well together.  

Enhanced Teeth Sensitivity  

The likelihood of experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages is higher in people with metal crowns. This is because metal is a good conductor of heat and you can feel it on your tooth when it comes into touch with a more intense temperature.  

They May Be Dangerous  

Metal is not intended to be continuously ingested by humans. This is particularly true for the combination of metals used to construct crowns. They contain substances like nickel and mercury, which can harm your body. Nickel can tint your gums green and potentially trigger a major allergic reaction, and mercury is known to be hazardous. Generally speaking, keeping these items out of your mouth is preferable.  

You Look Younger if You Wear Porcelain Crowns  

People can tell you are a little bit older when they notice a metal filling your mouth. This is merely because metal crowns are an older technology and are typically not required until a particular age. You will probably look younger if you switch to a porcelain crown. Even in cases where a patient has porcelain fused to a metal crown, the metal may still be seen and give you a more aged appearance.  

a dentist discussing metal Dental Crowns in Davie, FL 

How Should I Choose Dental Crowns in Davie, FL?  

When you need a dental crown, you must choose what type best suits your teeth and dental health. Visit Midtown Dental Studio if you're looking for the top dental crown care or treatment.

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