Advantages of Dental Implants Over Bridges

November 18, 2022

"Should I have a dental bridge or an implant?" When the time comes that you need teeth replacements, this is one of the frequently asked questions that many individuals ask. The risk of infection from extracted or missing teeth exists, but a great replacement choice is essential to a radiant, healthy smile. Your next query to your dentist when you’ve decided to get dental implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL is, "What is the difference between a bridge and an implant?". Let's explore that and discuss these common teeth replacements.

 Implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL

How Dental Implants Stand Out from Dental Bridges

What Are Dental Implants?

This dental device may be your best option if you have periodontal disease, an injury, or missing teeth. It consists of a titanium post that functions as the tooth root in a dental implant that supports a crown. The implant will be surgically placed by your dentist, who will then fuse it to your jawbone to secure it. After the osseointegration is complete, your dentist fastens an abutment to the post frame, which sticks out above your gum line and creates a space for the dental crown to be screwed or cemented into.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Before dental implants, a dental bridge was your sole option for closing a gap between the teeth. However, those who are missing one or more teeth can still benefit from a dental bridge in the modern world. As the name implies, this restoration connects the gap between teeth caused by a missing tooth. Since the restoration must be secured to one or more nearby teeth, your dentist will need to file those teeth down so they can fit the bridge to serve as a support. Unlike implants, bridges cannot replace your tooth's root. Instead, they attach a crown on one or more of your neighboring teeth as a buttress to connect the gap left by the missing tooth. Depending on the patient's demands, a dental bridge can replace one to four teeth. In some uncommon circumstances, it can replace more than four, but there must be enough healthy teeth present to link the dental crowns.

Why Are Implants Better Than Bridges?

  • Affordable

There is no doubt that when the treatment is over, dental implants are more expensive than dental bridges. But over time, the latter will undoubtedly cost more money and take longer. If you get a dental bridge, you'll have to spend more money on your dental care in the future. Moreover, dental implants last longer than dental bridges.

  • Protect the jawbone and prevent decay

Bridges can be obtained without undergoing any intrusive procedures. Did you ever consider what happens to the teeth when you cannot clean them? In the end, the crowns that are placed over your healthy teeth will deteriorate.

  • Long-Lasting

Bridges do not last forever. On the other hand, implants are an option if you're looking for a permanent fix. They are made of materials designed to endure a very, very long period.

  • Strength

When it comes to durability, implants are unmatched by bridges. Unlike implants, which are connected directly to the bone beneath the gums, fixed bridges are held in place by nearby teeth. For several years, implants will last and function like a natural tooth because they are durable enough to withstand pressure. This means that there are no limitations to your diet.

Dentist and patient seeing implants diagram in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Talk to a Dentist About Dental Implants in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Consulting a dentist about what choices may be best for you is the most crucial thing you can do to guarantee that you get the proper treatment for your lost tooth. Your experienced and skilled dentist can offer the best recommendation for you by carefully weighing all of the circumstances surrounding your case. Please make an appointment with our qualified dentist at Midtown Dental Studio.

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