Benefits and Drawbacks of Same Day Treatment

November 18, 2022

Patients who have missing teeth undeniably wish to have them replaced ASAP, making dental implants a good option. A growing percentage of dentists are now offering implants on the same day in 33324. The implants must be put in such a way that they should not be disturbed during the healing process. Even if the dental implants are packed with new restorations immediately after surgery, integration with the bone is still required and even the tiniest movement can obstruct this process.

male patient choosing a crown shade for his Same day in 33324 implants

Why Choose Dental Implants


Let’s start with disadvantages first so this blog post will end with a good thought in mind. There is no way to avoid the bone-to-implant integration process with same-day dental implant treatments. This must still occur and cannot be accelerated since the body requires time to grow new bone cells that will securely anchor the implant. Compliance is essential to guarantee that the dental implants do not shift during the healing period, which can last anywhere from three to seven months. Patients must follow a milder diet at this time, avoiding foods that are particularly firm or crunchy, such as carrots or almonds. Your diet may last anywhere from six to eight weeks following surgery. Failure to follow a softer diet might cause the implants to move, compromising integration and raising the likelihood of treatment failure.

The Advantages of Same-Day Dental Implants

When this therapy is successful, patients report a high degree of contentment because they can have their implant surgery and new teeth on the same day. You will no longer have to wear an uncomfortable partial or complete denture while your mouth recovers.There are instances when people who are afraid of losing their teeth for an extended period of time will find treatment intriguing. During the healing process, patients can eat and chat in relative comfort, causing minimal disturbance to their daily lives. The techniques utilized for same-day dental implants have been thoroughly evaluated and do not jeopardize the treatment's long-term success. Obtuse arch support is needed when the end arch of teeth is supported by only four dental implants and the strain applied on the implants are directed at an oblique angle. This process is primarily done when you take advantage of All-on-4® dental implants, one of the most popular same-day dental implant methods. Additionally, bone grafting is rarely performed with this treatment since the placement of the dental implants maximizes the utilization of accessible bone, particularly in locations where it is naturally thicker. This can help people save money without sacrificing the quality of their results. Temporary dental implants are frequently just short-term, remaining in place until integration is complete. After completion, they can be replaced with more fixed implant-supported restorations. These temporary restorations are frequently made before the surgery and may not be as attractive as the permanent restorations.

patient checking her new Same day in 33324 implants

Where To Get Quality Dental Treatment the Same Day in 33324?

While this restorative dental treatment isn't for everyone, the fervent benefits that individuals who receive same-day dental implants may experience should not be overlooked. However, treatment is frequently technique-dependent, necessitating a high level of expertise to ensure success. Please remember that if you need to discuss a matter in greater depth, our knowledgeable dental team is available to help. Set your appointment today!

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