What Happens When You Undergo Emergency Dentistry?

December 19, 2022

People consult an emergency dentist for various reasons, including chipped teeth and root canals. Almost everyone will agree that emergencies can occur when you least expect them to. Whether you have painful wisdom teeth or swollen gums, it's crucial to understand what to anticipate from an emergency dental appointment. Get ahold of professionals specializing in emergency dentistry in Plantation, FL, so you’ll have someone to contact when this mishap occurs.  

dental professional performs an emergency dentistry in Plantation, FL

What Takes Place During a Dental Appointment?  

Evaluation and Diagnosis  

The friendly staff will always be ready to help when a patient has an emergency appointment.  

A visual examination will next be performed on the patient in the clinic. The dentist will inquire about the patient's dental issue throughout the examination. In this stage, a medical history will be taken, a visual exam will be performed, and an x-ray of the problematic tooth will be taken if necessary. After this, the dentist will come up with a diagnosis using the data they have gathered, which will guide the course of therapy.  

Pain Relief  

People frequently seek out emergency dental care due to pain. Be sure to express your pain if you experience any. Your dentist will do everything within their power to address the underlying source of that pain following an examination. However, it may take some time for some necessary treatments, such as antibiotics, to start working.  

dentist checks patient's mouth after performing an emergency dentistry in Plantation, FL

Because of this, administration of some in-office pain management is frequently the initial step. Even when you return home, it can be necessary to take painkillers. Moreover, your dentist may inject anesthesia into the affected area to quickly provide relief. Anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics are then required to reduce infection or edema.  

While pain management may be achievable during an emergency dental visit, this does not mean that the issue may be entirely resolved. Most of the time, another visit will be necessary to address the root issue. However, a dentist specializing in emergency dentistry can offer a workaround to buy you some extra time. Therapies like laser therapy can also address some problems.  

patient smiles after undergoing an emergency dentistry in Plantation, FL

Looking for a Dentist Who Specializes in Emergency Dentistry in Plantation, FL?  

Additional assistance is required for other issues. For instance, if there is damage to dental appliances such as veneers, crowns, bridges, or other types, these may need to be repaired or restored at your general dentist.

If you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at Midtown Dental Studio!

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